Prise de connecteur de thermocouple miniature IM-K-M Type K IEC

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Miniature Connecteur de thermocouple Plug IM-K-M Type K IEC< / strong>< / p>

Avec des broches plates adaptes au type de thermocouple et idales pour une utilisation gnrale, tous les contacts sont polariss pour assurer une connexion correcte. Ces connecteurs acceptent les cbles thermocouples jusqu 4 mm de diamtre.

Description Générale Ideal for general purpose use. Contacts are polarised to ensure correct connection.
Type de thermocouple K IEC
Type de connecteur Plug
Taille du connecteur Miniature
Couleur Green
Max. Température 220°C
Épingles Flat Pins
+Contact positif Nickel Chromium
-Contact négatif Nickel Alloy
Normes respectées BS EN 50212:1997. RoHS

3D Animation of Miniature IEC Thermocouple Connector Plug From Labfacility

Miniature Thermocouple Plug IEC *Miniature connector with flat plug pins. *Contacts are polarised to prevent incorrect connection. *Connectors will accept thermocouple cable up to 4mm diameter. *Cable clamps available for securing cable to plugs. *Max temperature 220 deg C. About Labfacility Formed in 1971, Labfacility specialises in the field of Temperature and Process Measurement. We are the largest UK manufacturer of both temperature sensors and thermocouple connectors. Quality and Service are key elements in the continued growth of Labfacility; technical support is always freely available from our experienced technical sales teams and the company has ISO9001 accreditation. Labfacility specialises in the manufacture of Temperature Sensors, Thermocouple Connectors and Precision Electronic Thermometers (Tempmaster PRO & Labcal PRO), and also stocks a vast range of Thermocouple Wire and Cable. Visit

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Connectors Colour Chart

International Thermocouple Colour Codes For Connector Bodies. IEC, ANSI and JIS.